How it works

Scometix, every day, collects more than 100 new selections for the best football matches around the world. Each prediction is generated by an automated system for calculation of statistics that our employees have entered.

The algorithm used is able to self-program using the new statistics after each football game. In this way, the tendency is to always improve the efficiency of the algorithm itself. The members of the editorial staff will not intervene manually in any way on the outcome of the algorithm, even if the predictions generated was unlikely.

The user ratings for individual games are used to generate a forecast based on the choices of users. In this way you have the choice to bet the odds of Scometix, or user selections.

Recall that Scometix is a site for advice on the results of football matches, we do not have a crystal ball to predict the future, we seek only to make calculations and simulate what could be the result of football matches. Betting is a game, do it moderately, and above all respect the laws on gambling in your country of origin.